Poison Kisses Part 2

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I cherished hier. She left me. She betrayed me however now its time to rechttoe the closed doors. Ill inform hier my secret if she tells me hers. Our records, bestaan extra than lies. Its our tale, and I will do anything it takes to expose it all. Im the Assassin, Shes The Poison Princess. Were going to kill the awful guys, however were nonetheless figuring out if have been enemies. The one component for sure, zijn had been each going to strip down and get naked.

***Part of the sexy, exciting 3 part Poison Kisses serial****

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  • Deliciously, Addictive!
    By Astroyic
    OMG! These two are so addictive but also infuriating. You can feel the all consuming need these two have to want to trust each other, as well as the their desire and lust that is wild for each other. Their chemistry is sizzling hot but that betrayal is still in the forefront of their minds at all time. They learn about some new characters that may be helping their enemy but …Cliffhanger! Can’t wait till the next one! Oh So Fantastic! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my owns.
  • Review: Poison Kisses Part 2
    By @LisaHines711
    Poison Kisses: Part 2 by Lisa Renee Jones is the second of a three-part serialized story surrounding Seth, whom we met in her Dirty Money series and Amanda the woman that broke this super-spy's heart. Book two picks up right where book one left off, smack-dab in the middle of espionage, lies, betrayal, distrust, all while two people who once loved each other are trying to put their pasts to the side in order to save thousands of people from a domestic terrorist poisoning attack. Seth is as dirty talking ALPHA male as ever and the chemistry with Amanda has not faltered despite the three years they spent apart. Her on the run and him hunting her down to follow through on the CIA's kill order. Loved this second installment and am eager to devour the final story, Poison Kisses: Part 3. Enjoy!
  • Book 2
    By MelissaNY666
    Knowing their history of love and romantic relationship only Sage and Amanda could only do, they don’t trust. CIA, kill orders, and possible 100s of people lives are on the line.... can they have a normal relationship, Seth as cool as he is, Amanda as Poison Princess? Cliffhanger at the end.

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