Vietnam: A Soldiers Journal

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Vietnam: A Soldiers Journal by using Jack Durish zijn a private memoir of the authors tour of duty te Vietnam throughout the war that tore Americas coronary heart ter 1/2. It bestaan a story of his adventures and misadventures even as serving te the rear echelons of the 9th Infantry Division. This telling of the Vietnam story is now not politically juist, just real.

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  • Vietnam: A Soldiers Journal
    By SpoBob1
    As a Veteran myself, I know the Frustration and Mental Pressures That come from being IN a situation that is SO UNLIKE ANYTHING you had previously seen or experienced, that it is Almost MORE than you feel you can handle! But, Somehow, Something or Someone Intercedes in a way that brings you OUT the Other Side, ....Sometimes!... A Great and True depiction of ALL that was the “Asian-Vacation”! Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, Start to Finish. Thank You Jack!! ...Got to”Di Di” for now.✌️
  • Eye opening... brilliant read
    By LouisM7
    Great book.
  • Brilliant
    By Mxholland
    Written with a very objective point of view. Author seemed very informed of th political as well as th military objectives/environment of both sides. Too bad he wasn't in control bak then. Haha Hindsight is 20/20
  • Perspective Is Everything
    By gb1956
    Jack Durish may not have been sent to Vietnam in an active combat capacity, but his role as a rear echelon soldier during the war provides the reader with a very credible vantage point from which the reader can witness what occurred there. Durish adds his own observations and opinions that, while controversial, are quite honest. He supports his positions with facts. I was especially impressed with the author's exposure of the anti-war movement. Having grown up during the Vietnam War, I strongly opposed our presence there, but because I was still in my youth, I didn't fully understand why. Durish explains why we needed to oppose the North Vietnamese communists in a way that has never previously been presented to me.
  • Really
    By North-Light
    no need……….how did this get published… and on and on…...
  • Interesting look from the "back lines"
    By Molson8r
    Always wondered about the duties and workings of the countless soldiers taking on the duties of supply,clerical, and other operations of war not in the spotlight of battle. Seems to be a thankless task of great importance for the success of any fighting force. Author also explains historically the reasons behind our wars and how they seem to tie together not taught though normal history. Good read!
  • Great book
    By Sullman63
    This is a great book for anyone who likes books about the Vietnam War. This book shows a soldiers view of the war.

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